CINEMATIC - Heroes and Heroines
Date: April 24th, 2021

Venue: QPAC, Southbank

Time: 1pm arrival, 3pm and 7:30pm shows

Mission: The Queensland Symphony Orchestra was back with their annual CINEMATIC performances. These performances are a showcase of movie themes, and as a longtime partner with QSO, they requested costumed representatives reflecting the themes being performed. Costumers were wanted to pose for photos before and after each show, to add a little extra magic to an already magical event.

Trooper Attendance:

Robotom - TB
Donut - TK
TK Hesh - TK

Redback Alliance:
Starscribe - Ewok Village Leia
_will_of_the_force - Jedi

Rebel Legion:
Beanie - Captain Rex

Details: With the help of Sith Princess, we assembled the largest group of costumers yet for a QSO performance. We had 23 characters representative of 7 different themes. The 501st/RA/RL comprised 6 of the 23 and were present to represent the STAR WARS theme.

Arrival was set for 1pm for everyone to park, check in to security, get to the change rooms, get into costume and then to be led to the main entry outside to split into our respective groups and then meet incoming patrons.

I arrived at 12:30 and by 1pm nearly everyone was together out the front of the stage door, awaiting the arrival of Renee, the QSO contact to take us in.
But then everything hit the fan.

There were road closures and access to the carpark was difficult. I had a mad dash down the other end of Southbank to meet one of the other costumers, jumped in his car and then got phone calls from other costumers who also couldn't access the carpark.

By the time I got it all sorted, and finally made it to the change room, nearly everyone else was ready.

I did my fastest suit up in the TK ever... about 7 minutes, and then our massive group was led through the maze which is QPAC.

For those who have never trooped at QPAC before, you won't know of the horrors of navigating through the building.

Our allocated change room is on the top floor up several flights of stairs. There is no lift access to these change rooms, so the stairs have to be navigated in both directions, even when in full costume.
Once down the stairs it's a twisty maze of corridors and halls, and you follow a blue line on the ground as to *hopefully* not get completely lost.

This year, due to COVID, QSO thought it best to have us set up outside, which was great, except for the long trip to get there.
Emerging from the Stage Door on the riverside of the building, we had to walk all the way around to the main entry area and cafes.

Doing the entire trip multiple times during the day, I fully commend every single person for not only being able to navigate all the obstacles, but everyone did so without the hint of complaining.

Once set up outside, we split into our separate groups to get ready for photos. The 501st/RA/RL gang picked a wall and got ready for the onslaught of patrons.

We requested that every person who got a photo with us, did so socially distancing - by standing one and a half metres in front of us.
Most people were really good and willing to comply, apart from a couple of patrons who either tried to ignore our requests or got rude.

I want to take a moment to give my highest possible commendation to Star_Scribe. Star_Scribe stepped up and became almost solely responsible for enforcing the social distancing element during our time for every appearance.
She had to deal with all those people, some of the aforementioned rude and non compliant ones, and she did so with politeness and perfection every single time.
The simple truth is we could not have done it without Star_Scribe stepping into that role.
So my absolute highest praise and respect go to her.

And my praise goes to everyone who trooped this event. It was a mega long day filled with so many stairs and so much walking and everyone just stepped up and did it *literal pun intended*.

You all made me proud.

I also want to thank Sith Princess for being the amazing person she is. Organising so many costumers for these shows is a mammoth undertaking and they would be a shadow of what they are if it weren't for all the INCREDIBLE hard work done by Sith Princess assembling people and making/sourcing a ridiculous amount of costumes. You're a gem.

We got massive positive feedback from Queensland Symphony Orchestra as follows:

"THANK YOU for being part of our Cinematic experience. We had so much feedback from our audience appreciating your presence. Such a treat for so many kids to interact with you all too!

As always, thank you for your professionalism. You and your colleagues are a joy to work with."

Charity Funds: Not applicable

Injuries/Malfunctions: By the end of the last show, Beanie was in a pretty bad way. The toll of all the stairs and all the walking in armour had meant he paid a price. 

Public Incidents: As we were waiting outside for the end of the final show, 3 very intoxicated women came along. They weren't too bad, but they were a bit touchy feely with our Iron Man and one gave me a rough hug.

They were horrified to learn that Princess Leia kills Jabba the Hutt in the movies and i think they were under the impression that we were actually the actors from the movies.

They were *mostly* harmless though.

On the final walk back to the change room, we encountered a few typical undesirables - calling out insults and other stuff.
It was good to get back to the safety of inside the building.

Mission Status: A very tiring success!
Well done by everyone concerned.
Nice work crew.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]
thanks matt for being POC of this awesome event, Please let it be shown i was there as Tatooine Member in my RL Rex and not of any other group.

Star_Scribe wow you are the Social Distance Captain, and a lot of people should follow suit, you were are CHAMPION at keeping them away from us! Well done, Also thank you WILL for his helping us kit up. thanks buddy.

And i think my back and not being in hard armour for a long duration of time and over a year did not help. or im just getting older.
[Image: CtjvZdX.gif]
Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms
Once member of TAG before Redback was a squad, Redback Inter-Garrison Officer (2010-2012) & Merchandise officer (2015-2017) and Tatooine Base Command 2012-2016
Thanks so much Donut and Beanie for the kind words! 

Just wanted to help out where I could.

Thanks for organising! Was a great troop.

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