Disability Service Providers & Participants Connection Expo- 30/04 - 01/05/21
Troop Report 
[b]Date: 30/04/21 - 01/05/21[/b]

[b]Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre[/b]

[b]Time: 10am-4pm both days[/b]

[b]Mission: To bring a bit of Star Wars awesomeness to the event. [/b]

[b]Trooper Attendance:[/b]
[b]Tythephantom - TK /Scout, both days[/b]
[b]Donut - X-Wing Pilot (Saturday)[/b]
[b]BobaCanuck - Boba Fett[/b]

RBG: TKID and username/costL:ername & costume -[b]Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: Nil[/b]
Wranglers etc.


Upon arrival, we were greeted by the event management team who took us up to the change room (same one as we would normally have Brisbane Supanova) and were given a keycard for it so we were able to lock up.  We also had a fridge, cold water in the room as well as being given access to the breakroom for coffee, tea and some snacks in the afternoon. We were also given a QR code for parking onsite. 

Unfortunately due to the small but awesome list of troopers, I did have to be kitted up on my ownsome for the last couple of hours in the afternoon. I thank BobaCanuck for staying back with me to keep me company on Saturday. I also thank Tythephantom for coming both days. It was especially busy on the Friday so his presence was greatly appreciated and loved by attendees. 
[b][font=Muli, sans-serif]We were very warmly received and thanked a lot for coming throughout the 2 days.[/b][/font]

[b][font=Muli, sans-serif]Socially distancing for photos was a bit difficult and much like the QSO event, there were a couple of people who took exception or just plain ignored our requests to social distance. I especially thank Donut for helping back me up with the wrangling of this. [/b][/font]

[b]Charity Funds Raised: N/A[/b]

[b]Injuries / Malfunctions: None[/b]

[b]Public Incidents: Just the aforementioned person or two who took exception to social distancing after being politely asked.[/b]

[b]Mission Status: Success - Event team were very pleased with us and so were the attendees. [/b]

[b]Photos: Having trouble loading these so links are here for now. [/b]




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