May 4th SCA (Triple M) Toowoomba
May 4th 2021

Southern Cross Austereo Toowoomba

7.30 - 9.00

To help celebrate May 4th while also getting a chance to promote the Redbacks on the Triple M breakfast show.

[b]Trooper Attendance:[/b]
RBG: 90579 - Scotty33 - TK
33827 - Bolt - ARC

[b]Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:[/b]

Arrival time was 7.30 for an 8.30 appearance on the breakfast show to talk about Star Trek Wars.
Upon ringing the intercom to get let in we were met with a bit of confusion as the lady who had organised it wasn't at work yet, and nobody else seemed to know we were coming. To the credit of the staff that were there, they quickly sorted things out and managed to fit us in on the breakfast show, but on air time got moved to 8, (it was already about 7.45). 
I don't think any ARC trooper has ever kitted up as quickly as Bolt did!
We got let into the studio to a very surprised, but VERY excited host, as he is a big Star Wars fan, and this had been kept a secret from him.
Big thanks to Ktty for the little rundown she emailed me the night before, as I gave it to the announcer who read through it quickly and we made it through the interview without screwing anything up (I think!).
A few photos with office staff followed, then the GM came down, who turned out to be a MASSIVE Star Wars fan (did a pretty good job of trying to explain who Bo Katan was after Bolt brought up Snips' costume), hopefully we see him on the forums soon.

[b]Charity Funds Raised: N/A[/b]
[b]Injuries / Malfunctions:[/b]
N/A - pleased to report both our costumes still fit after not being worn for a year!

[b]Public Incidents:[/b]
None - but we were asked if Bolt and I were father and son.....apparently I've aged!

[b]Mission Status:[/b]
Success! The GM mentioned wanting us to come back again, so we will see if anything happens there.

We actually forgot to take any for ourselves....there is a livestream of our interview on the Triple M Darling Downs Facebook page, we took lots of photos with their staff and hosts, some of them may make it onto social media as well.
Outstanding work guys , absolutely awesome.
Was a great little troop, everyone was really nice to us and it was cool to get to meet some actual serious star wars fans!
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