ABC Gold Coast - May The Fourth Be With You
May 4th 2021

ABC Gold Coast

6.30 arrival for a 6.50 on air interview slot. 
Photos after interview

To bring the excitement that we all have to May 4th

Trooper Attendance

Support Crew

ABC Gold Coast were looking for three local troopers to attend their breakfast radio show for a small on air interview to celebrate May 4th. 
Jay, James and myself were excited to be part of this event

The morning of, we were all slowed down by the highway closure heading northbound - even though we were all heading south, sticky beakers will sticky beak unfortunately. We all thankfully made it just on time 

After a quick run through of how the interview and morning would go, we were then told that Channel 9 News had gotten wind of our attendance and might pop by to try and snake an interview from us. We all agreed that that was ok. 

I think we were all somewhat nervous for the interview but everyone at the ABC office was so lovely and kind! 
We overheard Tom (the radio presenter) call us all stormtroopers and thankfully Caitlyn, our ABC contact, was VERY quick to let him know that not all Star Wars characters are storm troopers. 

We passed around photos of what characters we were and made sure it was noted down on Toms notes. During an ad break while we were all chatting to get to know Tom, he referred to James' Fives as a storm trooper a few times, but was corrected. 

The interview went well - we got some great answers in, we all got a little teary (ok, maaaaybe it was just me) at the beautiful Star Wars intro audio, James got to have a good chat about The Bad Batch and I got a little plug in for the Kilcoy Show. 

We then found it was Tom who had called Channel 9 to let them know we were coming, sneaky! 
We got to kit up in a lovely office, and I wish I had've been able to film the reaction to James walking out - he scared a poor office worker. We came out just as a police officer was finishing up his interview and boy, was he super excited to see us. He grabbed a few photos with us and joked about the type of people you run into on the Gold Coast - he was so happy to head back to his station and brag about us to his co-workers (co-officers?) 

Channel 9 showed up just as we were walking out to take some photos with the presenter, the news truly does have impeccable timing. 
We took a few photos, and then had a chat with the news presenter. We took some fun footage of waving to some passers-by and walking - the usual news fluff.

We unfortunately haven't been able to find the segment online - I had a ridiculous amount of people reach out to me to let me know it was a fun segment, even if they included the small part of me getting spooked by a loud truck horn. I was even approached the next day at work by a customer who had seen it! 

We took some more photos inside and by that time, the gentleman's who office we were using had shown up for work and was very confused to find us in his office. We quickly changed and packed our gear up. 
ABC asked if they could potentially reach out to us for future Star Wars or pop culture items and we were more than happy to say yes - again, they were so lovely. 

By this point, it was late morning, the highway was still partially closed and we were all very hungry. 
Thankfully there was a great café nearby where we all had a great breakfast, a lot of peanut butter and a wonderful chat about getting back into events post-COVID.

Thank you to the guys for joining me super early in the morning; it was a great troop and my first one in my Jawa! 

I am truly struggling to attach any photos to this report 

And sincere apologies for the length of it - it is my first one and I am an excited child!
Well done troopers and congratulations Ktty on a fine troop report .
[Image: 4oQRsFe.png]
Great Work KTTY!! Heres one photo i grabbed from the ABC FB page! Well done to Drone and Fives for their attendance and excellent replies.  This is the link to the actual radio show, skip to 3/4 just after a country song is their bit

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