Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland 2021 Troop #3
Date: 18/12/21

Venue: Queen's park botanical gardens, Toowoomba

Time: 6pm arrival for 7pm start. 9pm finish.

Mission: To take pictures with the public and bring Christmas cheer.

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: Bolt CC:33827, Scotty33 TK:90579, Mykill Ti:20552, Bally CB:22172, Studio49 TB:49000

RL: None

MM/GA etc: None

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: Snips BH:22810
Wranglers etc.

Details: All troopers arrived on time and we checked in. Changing in the carpark we kitted up and made it to our spot just in time for the public to start arriving. 
This time we had a speaker playing various star wars themes (let's be honest.. mostly the Imperial March) which was really great and got a lot of people even more excited to see us!

One of the first familys to come up for photos had a young lad who ran up and named each character perfectly; Tie Pilot, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Commander Cody, Kashyyyk Trooper... We were quite impressed!

We had a few great interractions with kids who knew exactly who we were and that was such fun. We picked a family night and with it being the last Saturday night before Christmas it was busy, just when we thought the line up was thinning out, a whole new group would show up! 2hrs of non-stop photos and we could have kept going.

For some reason the night seemed a lot darker than usual, we were lucky to see anything at all! I didn't recognise my own Dad until he was right infront of me. 

We marched out of the park for the last time this year and headed to some healthy Macca's after. 

Special mentions:

Bally - Well done on your first troop! If you can survive the Wonderland you can survive anything. Your Kashyyyk looks great and I can't wait until mine is done so we can troop together.

Studio49 - Congrats on your first carpark change  Cheeky Seriously though, well done interracting with the kids, having a character who can get down on their level really breaks the ice. 

Snips - Fantastic wrangling of the crowds, getting them all to form a line is harder than hearding Banthas! 

Charity Funds Raised: Indirectly

Injuries / Malfunctions: Mykill breaked for a while due to back issues and Scotty had a running repair on his shoulder bell. We were all a bit sore after this one!

Public Incidents: I didn't see it, but a kid did have a go at Mykill's legs. 

Mission Status: Complete success.


[Image: 51754441596_ebb3323261_z.jpg]

[Image: 51753613557_8c113c7be7_z.jpg]

[Image: 51754684608_cc5321b6b7_z.jpg]
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Awesome! loved reading the reports! Hope Drone and i can make it next year
Another excellent report Bolt , we’ll done to those who travelled up the mountain.

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