RoboRave 2022
Troop Report 
Date: Sunday the 17th of July 2022

Venue: USC Stadium ( 32 Olympic Way, Sippy Downs, 4556 )

Time: 9am to 2:30pm

Mission: Bringing some Redback awesomeness to their robotics event!

Trooper Attendance: Meowied_Cass (21578)     Offworld Jawa   
                                    Drone                (21783)     Offworld Jawa
                                    BobaCanuck     (57730)     ROTJ Fett
                                    MyKill                (20552)     ANH TI and ROTJ IC

Details: Event appeared to be much bigger than last year, as parking was very restricted, Drone and I parked over 10minutes away but BobaCanuck and Mykill were able to sneak into the University Carpark. Same change room as last year, we were told we would be sharing with the Dino crew but they kept outside, so we had the whole changeroom, worth a note, this year the table and chairs were missing. 

We were all ready by 9:30am and we roamed outside, we immediately scared a small child, and got lots of amazement as we walked out. Since it felt busier we decided to stay outside,  we mostly hung around in the undercover foyer near the RoboRave sign.  
Around 11am we had a quick water break, then back on duty. We were asked to come inside as they aren't allowed to film outside. As soon as we got inside it we were surrounded by many tiny humans!! 

I heard a rumour that a Jawa was gifted some Lego pieces Wink  We hung around inside until we broke for lunch 12:30pm. We really wanted the woodfire pizza but it was over 30min wait, not only were we hungry, we also wanted to back out by 1pm. 

We did have some public incidents (details below) so after lunch i decided to stay out of costume to wrangle better. Same as before we roamed outside then went inside. We were asked to do the raffle draw for the 3D printer. After that ceremony we were all exhausted and things were wrapping up so we decided to head home at 2:30pm!

Charity Funds Raised: TBC when receipt gets sent

Injuries/Malfunctions: Sadly BobaCanuck has some repairs to make on his Fett (very minor stuff)

Public Incidents: Unfortunately we had quite a few instances...A kid pushed me really hard when my back was turned making me stumble. A few different kids were messing with MyKill and BobaCanucks weapons so after our water break we left them behind. Again a few kids were pushing, grabbing and messing with all of us. Due to this i stayed out of costume after lunch to keep a better eye on everyone, MyKill had switched to his IC so was helping me too. Despite being out costume i did have to rouse on some children. Despite this we did enjoy the event and the event was a success. I am thinking for future events no matter how small we are in number one of us will need to stay out of costume. I will also email to let the organiser aware of what happened. 

Mission Status: Success!


[Image: 2VLHntb.jpg]

[Image: odAf7ir.jpg]

[Image: rFhPjwY.jpg]

[Image: 4BzJlmc.jpg]

[Image: f0B5Tyz.jpg]

[Image: eIxjeHu.jpg]

RoboRave Australia is the FB page, they livestreamed the event so you can see us at certain times! 
First video at 8:18am ( 1:55hrs in, 2:07hrs in) 
Second video at 1:55pm ( see us for the first 15mins ) 
The day was lots of fun, anyone considering it should definitely join in next year!
Meowied_Cass has also pointed out that we may need a new method of storing and transporting the easily creased Jawa robes...
Well done all!
[Image: UbITLYb.png]
Maybe some imperial issue tasers are in order for crowd control!
Great effort!
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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[Image: Q8GkS6o.jpg]

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