Distillery Road Markets
Troop Report 
Date – May 4th

Venue – Distillery Road Markets

Time – 5pm

Mission – To bring the Redback awesome to the Distillery night market

Trooper Attendance
MyKill – ANH TI
Zerebin – TROS Kylo
Oevil1 – TK
Dino - Edrio

Support Crew

We visited the Distillery Road Market as their market fell on May the 4th and they wanted a surprise Star Wars aspect. It was a bit of a quiet event, we just did a lot of loops around and said hello with whoever we could – it was busier in the food truck area then the market area unfortunately. Everyone did a fantastic job with chatting with the public and taking LOTS of photos! MyKill, Zerebin and Ktty did this event back to back with the May 4th Hospital visit and I believe Oevil1 visited a child care earlier in the day too – busy May 4th’s all round! Ktty was going to Jawa up for the night, but decided that having a wrangler/eyes was probably the smarter choice with lots of cool armour around! 
The organiser sorted out some dinner for us too, which was quite lovely! And we had such a wonderful change space in a cool little theatre!

Charity Funds Raised – N/A?

Injuries/Malfunctions – NIL! Well, outside of some smells making it hard for Zerebin to keep a helmet on!

Public Incidents – There were a few people who had enjoyed a drink or two, and wanted a lot of photos but we worked with it the best we could!
And not an incident per say but a very cute moment with two kids hugging every one every time they saw them – so so sweet!

Mission Status – A success!

Photos -
Nice work on back to back May 4th events , impressive effort .

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