Comic-Geddon Markets
Troop Report 
Makers Market, Comic-Geddon 

Date: June 25, 2023

Venue: The Goods Shed, Toowoomba

Time: 0800 to 1400

Mission: To raise funds for Tony's Kitchen and support a local event

Trooper attendance:
Bolt CC:33827, Scotty33 TK:90579, Snips MW:22810, Ringmaster TK:17665, JawaJess DZ:17813

Oxy TK:29566

0800: Arrived and finished set up, we bumped in the day before.

0830: Kitted up.

0900: Trooping started with Oxy wrangling. Crowds were slow to start but increased as the day went on. 

1100: Snips de-kitted to relieve Oxy from wrangling as he had work commitments. 

1200: After a decent stint, JawaJess and Ringmaster went for a lunch break. Shortly followed by Snips. 

1230: Scotty and Bolt went for a break, Snips and Ringmaster kitted back up with JawaJess wrangling.

1330: Crowds really slowed down and at 1:45 everyone de-kitted and started packing up.

1400: After a solid effort the event was over.

Details: Everyone arrived early and helped set up, a big thanks to all the Toowoomba Troopers, we put in a big effort and did an awesome job. Everyone in costume trooped for 3+ hours and Oxy wrangled for as long as he was able to be at the event.

We had one special moment with a child that is usually non-verbal playing Peek-a-boo with our troopers. He was too nervous to get close and take a picture but his Dad was very excited that he was interacting. 

Roger and Barry (dressed as a Scout) were our MVP's, plenty of people wanted pictures of our dummies! Roger also scared plenty of people when he spoke to them.

Local news also took pictures of us, so be on the look out for those. 

Charity Funds Raised: $160.40 in Cash + 5 online donations directly to Tony's Kitchen (at least one at $50!). 

Injuries / Malfunctions: No injuries/malfunctions

Public Incidents: Zero crying children, my helmet battery fell out at one stage. 

Mission Status: Complete success.


[Image: 52999931073_2e4f1dae8f_z.jpg]

[Image: 52999454731_3a7495196c_z.jpg]

[Image: 52999928568_90229bab0a_z.jpg]
[Image: 53635972792_7031aa3c80_z.jpg]
Awesome job troopers, you all look fantastic
[Image: VXgDbT3.jpg]
Great work troopers. My manager from work had a photo with the crew up there today, he was very impressed.
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Picture from the Newspaper:

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