Mack PopCon 2022
Troop Report 
Date: 15 October 2022

Venue: Mackay Showgrounds

Time: 9am-5pm

Mission: To represent the Redback Garrison and Venom Squad to the good people of Mackay and the Whitsundays, and raise funds for Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated

Trooper Attendance:
Nighthawk - TD 17168 - Sandtrooper
TripleSix - DZ 26824 - Tusken Raider
Xmez - DZ 13505 - Tusken Raider
DannytheBlue - TK 13974 - Stormtrooper
RedEmpress - TS 16426 - Snowtrooper
Gix - TK 29841 - Captain Phasma
Jaggered - TK 4194 - Stormtrooper

Super_Trooper - Jedi
- Jocasta Nu

Support Crew:
Pecklez - 25087

Details: A new Con for Mackay after the demise of Sugar City Con and a welcome addition to the calendar. A great time had by all, with members travelling to Mackay from Townsville and Proserpine.

Charity Funds Raised: $128.30 for Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated

Injuries/Malfunctions: N/A

Public Incidents: N/A

Mission Status: A great success with great interactions and an invitation to re-attend in 2023


[Image: laigN8n.jpeg]
Members of Venom Squad with Matt Doran from Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Deathsticks guy) and The Matrix (Mouse)

[Image: M9oMOZL.jpeg]

[Image: Cx2Fcoh.jpeg]
[Image: DW2018.png]   [Image: SN18.png]

[Image: VZnMXmI.jpg]
Well done Venom Squad!
Fun fun fun
Tusken " Better DEAD Than SMEG!!! " DancingTK


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