OzComicCon 2023
Troop Report 
15th-16th September 2023ue:

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

raise funds for MS QLD and entertain kids (ages 1-100)


Blade_Seduction - Shadow TK
Blueski - Scouttrooper
Duras - ANH Hero Stormtrooper
Gaugerage - Swamp Scounttrooper
Glitch - Shoretrooper (with canteen tray Hehehe )
Kelz - Staff Officer
Ktty - Jawa
MajorSam - Line Officer
MjrD - Clonetrooper
MyKill - TIE Pilot
Noen - Line Officer
Phantom - Boba Fett
SharpShooter - Line Officer
Shutter - Scouttrooper
SideshowMel - Scouttrooper
Sly - Stormtrooper
Squid - Mara Jade
Sticky - Vader
Tythephantom - Stormtrooper
Zerebin - Kylo Ren

Blue - Rebel pilot
MyKill - Rebel Trooper (doubling up his groups there Wink 

SideShowMel - custom Mando (also getting in a twofer Wink )

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:

Boba Mike - Staff Officer (Visiting Knightfall Garrison)


Saturday was a busy day and many people passed the stand though we were a little slow off the mark as everyone that showed up earlier also planned to troop the afternoon to ensure we had armour doing the end of day lag. Hell, the first pictures taken on stand were just a group of Fae type cosplays that wanted to use the forest backdrop as went with their theme. 
TythePhantom and Sly though jumped in as soon as they could, and we got the stand to be fully operational.

Sunday was similar problem where we didn't even hear them announce opening (and by my watch they started letting people in early) but we recovered and with the smaller Sunday crew we spread ourselves thinner through the day so that we kept the stand manned as best we could. 

On Sunday morning I did speak to our ComicCon contact about what the chances were of the guests coming by (she said was a possibility when we were organising but would depend on the strike restrictions they have to follow) ... She was going to get back to us, so I left it at that, and we all got back to the job.... then with no heads-up suddenly there is the Armorer and Paz at the table (Poodoo!) ... Both of them were very generous with their time letting us grab a ton of pics. This was good because in the panic we are trying to where everyone else is.... Thankfully two were just having a chat in the change room and saw what was happening when they popped a head out, I'm desperately trying to get QBShan (grabbing lunch with Bikuchan) to answer her phone and when finally get through the conversation went. 
Me: Get here now! ... she's here!
QBShan: who?
Me: HER!
QBShan: on the way...*click*.

Thankfully then Sticky came around and asked Emily if she wanted Vader and prob set a time record getting into it when she said yes. Unfortunately, Tait (Paz's body) had to move on, but Emily was able to hang around a little longer giving Sticky time to suit up and get back out. 

All in all, thanks to everyone that could come out to the event and for how much time everyone stayed on the stand Trooping (particularly those in armour) - if not all of us there were def some that pushed through to keep us manned! 

Sticky obvious call out for his efforts being the props out Friday, getting them setup, coming back Sunday trooping in Vader and then packing it all down at end of the day.

Bikuchan and QBShan for the snacks (those biscuits Bikuchan made are not going to help with my belt issue thank you very much)

Charity Funds Raised:
Saturday -
Cash $248.05
Direct Donations $21.11
Total $269.16

Sunday -
Cash $337.90
Direct Donations $138.72
Total $585.95

Grand Total $745.78

The QR code to allow people to donate worked better than expected though not as well as hoped). Saturday was 3 total donations for that figure. We had three donations on Sunday already by first hour and 8 on Sunday (1 alone totalled Saturday's QR collection and 2 exceeded it). 

Sunday was a little quieter on the crowds (except when Vader was on the floor then swamped) so pleasantly surprised that Sunday was our better day.

First two turns in the TK were fine but suiting up for end of Sunday the velcro on my belt just kept releasing Sad got away with doing 45 mins at stand to finish the day off but pulled pin 15mins before close though crowd was basically already gone by then. 

If any others I've not be made aware of them. 

Public Incidents:
None that I'm aware of.

Mission Status:

Overall it was successful... nothing majorly went wrong (just the usual herding cats kind of problems). Not the collections of our heyday sadly but I believe we all left having a good time and more money went to MS QLD than would of otherwise. 


Stand space pre-setup
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176148&aut...&width=660]

Post Jeremy's hardwork and my bringing half my lounge room
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176177&aut...&width=660]

Selfie Scout... being well Selfie Scout
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176200&aut...&width=660]

Sat Crew group shot (minus Selfie Scout as I told him a time and then we went might as well just get it done now in the lull and his was shopping - Sorry Gauge but think we made up for it on Sunday Wink )
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176206&aut...&width=660]

On to Sunday - Vader got busted ... something about over the speed limit in his T.I.E. Advanced
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176154&aut...&width=660]

Vader then got very confused when Rowena Ravenclaw swapped his sabre for her stick (or Sticky with a stick)
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176157&aut...height=660]

Cute Mando family came by (Dad and two little girls - Armorer was a trooper as saw them later and she was the only one still in kit)
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176160&aut...height=660]

And then we had our special visitors surprise us 
[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176173&aut...&width=660]

and finally, the Sunday Crew (hopefully no one missed out this time and a pic with the guests ... Emily herself was very generous of her time to hang out with us while Sticky rushed on Vader)

[Image: embed?resid=AAADFC23B5046655%2176218&aut...&width=660]

Sorry you got cropped Blueski... I will speak to QBShan about proper framing of shots but at least you in the smaller group one with both guests

All my photos can be found at OzComicCon 2023 if interested ... mix of us and just being there.
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Great work troopers.
GCSN16 >> GCSN19
DW2015 >> DW2018
OCC2015 >> OCC18  
BN15 >> SN18
awesome weekend with an awesome crew! bring on the MS Moonlight walk!
Peace FNG Peace
Well done to all who attended and Duras for running the show .
Amazing weekend !!! It felt so good to be back in fantastic company !!. Big ups to the POC and wrangles and troopers.
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 Everyone SMILE Peace The Selfie Scout strikes again 
Fantastic job troopers
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Thanks for having us on Saturday, loved getting back in the Fett it has been too long.
Great job Duras!
"You can run, but you'll only die tired."

Well done Troopers!
Was a great weekend.
"I can't see a thing in this helmet."
Great job Duras, so glad to be able to catch up with those who were there on Saturday.
So good to be back in armour again too, had a blast.
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