Jingle All The Bay - Sandgate QLD, 2nd Dec 2023
Troop Report 
Date: Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Venue: Sandgate Town Centre, Sandgate Qld

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Mission: To add a festive Star Wars presence to the Community Christmas Festival and Parade “Jingle All The Bay”. A big event and local tradition with thousands attending.

Trooper Attendance:

Wrexham - TK
Thug-Pug-92 – TK
Mykill - TI
Stormraven – TI
Tappa – SL (Southern Cross Garrison)
Rebel Legion:
Rebelrach – ANH Leia / POC
Galactic Academy:
Jaxon – CKOR 6112 – Kylo Ren
A very hot and humid day by the bay, at least the sun was setting and a light breeze came along as we swatted giant mosquitos and assembled to kit up.
Just after 6pm and perspiring already, to many waving onlookers we headed up to the main street. Met with dozens of people immediately wanting photos and high fives we slowly wound our way along the main street to the marshalling point for the parade. Lots of happy faces from old and young and cheers as we mingled with the crowd.  Upon lining up for the parade the troopers hydrated and relaxed a while. As the parade began we walked slowly along with big crowds linking the street. More than a dozen times Mykill was singled out as Darth Vader and in the end he just pointed behind him to the real one! Young Jaxon from the Galactic Academy and Tappa’s real grandson did a great job as Kylo Ren and really got into the high fives too. The parade was only a few blocks but by the end we were all ready to dekit and find some air con!

Charity Funds Raised: Nil

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: NIL.

Mission Status: Success. Worthwhile and good fun, the crowds genuinely loved having us attend. Lots of people thanking us and complimenting our costumes. Being our first time attending we were a big surprise to most. We have already been invited to attend next year, hopefully with even more troopers.  Thank you to those that came along and made great addition to the event. Also a big shout out to Thug-Pug-92. Jeremey’s first official troop and he did a great job in the humidity and crowds.


[Image: Hm8cywC.jpg]

[Image: qQvuhSr.jpg]

[Image: hKnbPSW.jpg]

BN13  BN14 OCC2014

[Image: XFqh6O5.jpg]

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