Star Wars X-Box Kinect - EB Games - Rockhampton
Troop Report 
Date: 5/4/2012

Venue: EB Games Stockland Rockhampton

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Mission: Promote the release of Star Wars Kinect on the X-Box for EB Games.

Trooper Attendance:
Angelman TK6729
LadyTarkin ID6730

Guest Trooper Attendance: None

Support Crew: Darcy (aka Neil)

After a hard day working in the Imperial office, we received word that we were required to attend another mission. A signal was intercepted from EB Games in the Rockhampton Stockland complex. Indications were that suspected stocks of the Star Wars Kinect games were to acquired by rebel forces. An imperial officer, Lady Tarkin and a single TK were dispatched at 5:45pm to investigate.
Once onsite at 6:00pm we questioned many imperial citizens, who were thrilled with our presence there. Many requested our civilian informant (Darcy) to take digital images of us with them. We all found this very amusing, we continued to play along hoping to gain their trust and have them reveal the rebel plan to us.

Having been such a long day we detoured to what the locals call "Macca's" for some refreshments. Patrons of Macca's were awestruck by the sight of one of the empire's storm troopers in their midst. After allowing more digital pictures to be taken, we headed back to EB Games we were slowed significantly by the numbers of imperial citizens who wanted more photos with us. We finally realised that this was a tactic employed by the rebel forces, hence we returned to EB Games store to discover the rebels had already left to seek other easier imperial targets.
After securing the stocks of Star Wars Kinect we returned to base.
We will continue to monitor the rebel presence in Rockhampton.
Hopefully we have convinced some more of the citizens to join up in service of the empire.

Charity Funds Raised: Haven't counted yet, but the cans are pretty darn heavy Smile

Injuries: Small blister on my right foot (from bunched up sock Sad )

Malfunctions: Angleman's thermal detonator exploded on the floor on the way back from Macca's (No injuries).

Public Incidents: One slap to the helmet, from one young girl, who I think thought it was like a motorcycle helmet???

Mission Status: Great success, many Rockhampton Imperial citizens saw us in action.

It was great that Darcy (aka Neil) helped us out, as we forgot our camera.

[Image: Thisishowtofireit.jpg]
[Image: Maccas1.jpg]
[Image: Maccas2.jpg]
Nice work guys and girls....excellent
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Great work guys, wish I could have made it Smile
Sorry SitherShaw I only thought of your work after we returned to base. We need to organise some excuse to have a troop at your work.
Michael (Angelman TK6729)
DW2012 :DW13: :DW14:
I'm THAT guy from the video, 501st Documentary (Link)
Haha I am sure we could find a reason Smile

And I should be able to make it to the one on the 28th, just gotta get work off and complete my costume just a little bit more.

I was also thinking of a Sith Padawan learner, but I might have to re-play through KotOR to get some decent reference pics.
Nice work troopers.
great work troops and love the pic of TK at maccas Doppeldaumen1
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14

good troop guys
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk
Update $138.10, yep we're still maintaining our average of above a dollar a minute that we troop Smile

Thank you Rockhampton Imperial citizens and special thanks to the team at EB Games (who donated out of their own pockets).
Nice work guys!!!

When Jim POCs we dont get to visit Maccas...... Sad
.... It's alright for you to judge me,
sitting up there in your airconditioned battle Cruiser!...

[Image: bfb80cfde9949491.png]
(Thursday 5-Apr-2012, 10:29 PM)Angelman Wrote:  [Image: Maccas2.jpg]

Well done, Team! Love it, and you did well!
[Image: fb-cover-starquest-books-longer_zpsbcc6xxgm.jpg]
Receipt to Cancer Council submitted. (Just so I keep track of which ones I've done).
how the hell r u sitting down in TK ??????
These blast points — too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Tk
(Saturday 21-Apr-2012, 11:11 PM)NQDude Wrote:  how the hell r u sitting down in TK ??????

Phoenix is the only TK I have seen who can go further than sitting down. I saw him today crashed out sitting on the floor slouching against the wall. HE MADE IT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!
And considering that he wasn't there later, he got up too.

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