April 2013 Royal Children's Hospital Visit
Troop Report 
Date: Friday 19/04/13

Venue Address: Â Wonder Factory, Royal Children's Hospital

Time: 9.30am

Mission: To patrol the wards and do rounds in place of the doctors. (Make kiddies Happy)

Trooper Attendance:
.Cavalier – TD
.Rubber – TD

Support Crew:

Detail: We landed our Imperial shuttle on the roof and sent a squad into the hospital to scope it out. (Walked in and got changed at the usual place).

We commenced rounds of the wards shortly after being dressed. We quickly turned some heads due to our impressive costumes. There were some instances of confusion by the hospital denizens, stepping out of the lift to find imperials waiting. We soon proved the rebel propaganda painting us as... ha! evil! as inaccurate.

We then moved into the patients rooms and started to question the where abouts of the missing droids. They didn't know the where abouts of the droids, but for some reason they wanted lots of pictures. Yes, you don’t need to have your son/daughter in the picture mum/dad. You can have a photo by yourself. All round our visit was as usual, a good experience. We made a lot of patients, staff and parents very happy.

Curiously, during our search for droids, we walked in on a disco. Although they didn't have the Cantina band they did have Gangnam style dancing. After busting out our moves and finishing up visiting all the wards, we went back to our shuttle to report to Lord Vader. He was not happy that we did not find the droids. However, this issue was soon forgotten when we reported that we had found some possible new recruits. Hopefully they will join us in the not to distant future.

Charity Funds Raised: Morale mission only.

Injuries: Our hearts after constantly being called bad, but no physical injuries.

Malfunctions: Wrigzach’s flight suit zip but nothing major.

Public Incidents: A few kiddies were so happy to see us they started to cry (I think).

Mission Status: Successful, looked cool and busted out dance moves for morale.

Photos: Some pictures upcoming but the hospital didn't take pictures this time.
Well done on the Troop, and also on your first Troop Report Zach... Smile

DW2012 BN12
GCSN13 :DW13:
Nice work zac and all Smile
DW2013 to DW2018
Nice work guy's.
Stormtroopers: instant recognition combined with complete anonymity
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12 GCSN13 :DW13:

You need to fix a few spelling errors and your sentences are too long. Pm me if you want help to fix the errors. Would just make your very creative report read better Smile
Apologies, did it on my phone during lunch. Shall look it over again soon :P
First in and last out of every battle, the air is our domain.
We will fly, fight and win!!!
All fixed and sent back - yes I know, it's hard to do things like this on a phone Smile
(Wednesday 24-Apr-2013, 01:33 PM)wrigzach Wrote:  Apologies, did it on my phone during lunch. Shall look it over again soon :P

Don't worry mate, it looked pretty good to me. @ LeSt U dIn du da stoopid tXt MsG type of text, I'm impressed I thought that was the only way that anyone under the age of 20 knew how to write nowadays Wink
Unfortunately in most cases you are correct. I was born in the wrong generation :/
First in and last out of every battle, the air is our domain.
We will fly, fight and win!!!
Wat do u meen Bullant??

Haha jks

Nice work zach Smile
[Image: SIG_zpsed128473.jpg]
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12
GCSN13 :DW13:
LOLS Smile
DW2013 to DW2018
Yes! a few spelling errors, fixable.
But I know people in their 30's, yes their 30's!, who write staff emails in text message slang. I hate that, and lack of punctuation is another pet hate. I come from a family of teachers, so yes, I am very particular about such things.........Don't ever ask me anything to do with numbers though :P.
Vader will be pleased with such a creative, entertaining report. Well Done!
The joy we bring to kids is something truly special, I hope one day we can start doing visits like these up here in CQ, well done
Another awesome troop in the trenches, Zac, great report and excellent wrangling.. good way to earn your wings Td
.... It's alright for you to judge me,
sitting up there in your airconditioned battle Cruiser!...

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