January Wonder Factory
Troop Report 
Date: Saturday 11th January 2014

Venue: The Wonder Factory, Royal Brisbane Hospital

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am

Mission: To attend the Wonder Factory and help bring some Star Wars cheer to the kids in the wards.

Trooper Attendance:
Buzzard – TK
Oevil1 – TK
blueski – Sandtrooper
stormraven - TIE Pilot
Jediprincess - X Wing Pilot

Details: Had a great team of characters with great responses from the kids. Although the guys did have one little boy convinced that they were the good guys and I was the bad guy because I destroyed their home. Cheeky Others took my claim of blowing up the Death Star as a good thing. Hehehe And another little girl wanted to play catch the plush rabbit with each of us, but we needed a heads up, as the first attempt to get a TK to catch it failed miserably. All good second time around with a bit of warning it was coming. Another little boy had Star Wars Lego characters strung up around his room. There was an X Wing Pilot, but no TKs. Hehehe He claims he's got more to hang up there though. Doppeldaumen1

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: A great success. Great Job Guys! Doppeldaumen1

[Image: 017.jpg]
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
It was a fun troop with a fun bunch of troopers!!

Darth "I find your lack of pants disturbing."
Well done guys and gals, I think I can actually see you all smiling from under your buckets.
Michael (Angelman TK6729)
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I'm THAT guy from the video, 501st Documentary (Link)
Nice first visit for the year, and the Jason - the plush rabbit - seemed to enjoy our visit a lot. We also went and revisited a ward after we thought we were finished as it turned out one boy was asleep when we visited and was gutted when he woke and realized he had missed us. And as always there were also a few parents and staff who just had to get a few photos for their "kids".
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
Excellent work troopers
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Onya troopers, what a good lookin' bunch you are!
Nice work guys.

You all look great.

Sounds like you had a good visit too.
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