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Congratulations Raptor BH61912

Congratulations to Raptor on his Boba Fett ROTJ
After lots of blood, sweat and tears Raptor finally got there, I personally know what a long hard journey this was for Raptor and its an absolute pleasure to post this approval. Well done Sir! 

[Image: DQEHgDC.jpg]    [Image: inFdNOY.jpg]

Congratulations Flashheart SL66682

Please congratulate Flashheart on his Darth Revan 

Well done JD

[Image: HEJP3O9.jpg]   [Image: TRfANC3.jpg]

Congratulations Cyclops TB51173

Congratulations to our newest Tree Dodger , Cyclops

[Image: 0G7MPYg.jpg]

[Image: vHzXgfp.jpg]  [Image: C4sPPpg.jpg]