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Troop Report: Dreamworld

February 28, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Troop Report: Dreamworld

What a sight!!! 35 Troopers (Tanya got someone else to mind the kids. No way she was missing out on this one). In the compound all massed together was an amazing sight. A quick run down on marching from Scorp and putting everyone in place we were ready to go…5 minutes early. Everyone was so excited and pumped they all followed orders so well we ended up having to wait 5 minutes so we went out on time. Good work troopers. Then it was off to wave to the public. They came from everywhere to say hi and we even had the face painting fairies bringing up the rear looking after the kids that came in costume to which there were quite a few. Around the fountain we went and before you know it 35 troopers were cheering in the marshalling area and feeling pretty darn good. A quick shout to the Entertainment Department at DW who whooped and cheered and then went to the other side of the road to do it all again on the return trip home.

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Storm Troopers Do Dreamworld! 27th Feb, 2010

February 23, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Storm Troopers Do Dreamworld! 27th Feb, 2010
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Stormtroopers Do Dreamworld!

February 17, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Stormtroopers Do Dreamworld!

More than 30 characters from ‘The Galactic Empire’, made famous through the Star Wars film trilogies, will take a break from ‘controlling the galaxy’ to strike Dreamworld on February 27 in a calculated war to raise funds for the families of seriously ill children around Australia.

The member’s of the 501st Legion’s Redback Garrison, known as Vader’s elite troops, will be hanging up their lightsabers and holstering their blasters as they go on a mission to ‘do good’ with the hope to raising $5000 for the Starlight Foundation.

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