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Flood of New Troopers!

February 23, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Flood of New Troopers!

Congratulations to the latest round of EU costume approvals for the Redback Garrison! We’re setting new standards for Star Wars costuming – and you guys look fantastic!! Bonus Imperial Credits to Mouldman with the Legion’s very first approved Incinerator Trooper!! Massive effort!

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Congratulations Azza and Hopfot!

February 9, 2010Moxxxie Comments Off on Congratulations Azza and Hopfot!

Congratulations to two of the Legions newest Troopers! TK4306, and TK4881 were inducted into the Fighting 501st earlier today. May they serve the empire for many long years, and have a wonderful trooping career! For the Empire!

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