TB 86810 (Biker Scout)

Name: Stephen Mark Williams (Gaugerage)

Legion ID: TB86810

What made you want to join the 501st? It was to show my kids that we can have fun and help others at the same time. Giving a little bit of our time to raise funds and smiles for those who are in need.

What costumes do you have?

What is your most memorable troop? I would have to say my first official troop as an approved member, Dream World. The atmosphere and the adrenaline that I felt when we all walked out in the parade brought tears to my eyes. Having a chance to ride the Motorcoaster in my costume and chasing ewoks were some of the highlights to my Dream World weekend.

What is your favourite Star Wars character? I’m a fan of the Scouts and all of its variety. From the Scout troopers to the Kashyyyk troopers and everyone in between.