QLD Cancer Council - May the Fourth be Pink!
Date: May 4th, 2021

Archie Bros' Cirque Electric
Toombul Shopping Centre

Time: 9am arrival. Event 10am-12pm

Mission: To add some extra magic to a ticketed charity event in support of the QLD Cancer Council.

Trooper Attendance:

Donut - TK

Tythephantom - TK

stormraven - TI

_will_of_the_force - Line Officer

Support Crew:

Star Scribe - Wrangler Extraordinaire


May the fourth be PINK was a first time charity fundraiser held by Amanda Rosazza 'The Pop Coach'. The event was catered for 33 people in total and Archie's arcade was closed to the general public until midday. Unfortunately, the event only sold 3 tickets. It's just bad luck and a weird time for events coming out of COVID.

Never the less, we put our best on show.

I arrived early and met with Amanda and her helper for the day, Talaya. We began setting up for the event and were soon joined by Star Scribe and will_of_the_force.

A misplaced belt and some last minute switching around meant that Star Scribe opted to wrangle, which given how few people were coming was more than okay.

Tythephantom soon arrived and we all began suiting up.

As the three guests arrived, we welcomed them and stood guard outside the main function room inside the arcade. After a few minutes, realising we had nothing to do, I grabbed a Cancer Council donations box and we proceeded to the front of Archies to see if we could entice any randoms walking past to get photos and perhaps make some donations. Despite it being very quiet, we actually did manage to get quite a few donations.

Whilst outside, storm raven arrived. He got suited up and joined us outside.

We remained there for about 40 minutes and then re-entered Archie's as the main part of the charity event was drawing to a close.

As the 3 guests left the function room we posed for photos with them and had some fun with lightsabers.

And that was pretty much it. Our official duties were over, but we still had private access to the arcade for the next hour.

The staff were beyond incredible, and let us play everything for free, and we spent the remainder of our time just having fun.

I tried my hand at DDR whilst dressed as a Stormtrooper. I would have done okay, except the staff member accidentally selected the highest difficulty.

Then we all tried bowling in costume. 

Starscribe and _will_of_the_forced jumped onto the VR motion ride shooter, and then they and storm raven jumped into the dodgem cars whilst Ty and I cheered them on.

As midday passed and the arcade opened to the general public, we all packed up and called it a day.

I hung around the bar for the next half hour just chatting to staff about all things geeky.

Even though the event itself was a bit of a bust, Amanda still raised $150 for the Cancer Council in ticket sales, and we got almost $45 in the donation container. So not a bad effort at all.

Photos: I've tried uploading photos to this post every way I know how, with no success.

So instead, have a video of a Stormtrooper doing DDR (I'm still waiting for the Dodgem Cars footage).


Excellent work to those involved .
Love the video! Great work or fun for everyone involved!

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