RoboRave 2021 May 30th
Troop Report 
Date: Sunday 30th May 2021S

Venue: USC Sunshine Coast Stadium, Olympic Way, Sippy Downs

Time: 9am-3pm

Mission: To bring our Redback Awesomenes

Trooper Attendance: 
Redback Garrison:  Meowied_Cass as Offworld Jawa

                            Drone as TFA Kylo Ren 
                            Zerebin as TFA Kylo Ren
                            Sharpshooter2231 as Imperial Officer
                            BobaCanuck as ROTJ Boba Fett

Redback Alliance:   Ktty as Jedi

Rebel Legion:        Jediprincess as Queen Amidala
                           Lucky Phil as TFA Luke Skywalker

Wranglers:           Ktty, Drone, Zerebin, Sharpershooter2231, BobaCanuck and Meowied_Cass (we swapped throughout the day)

Details:  It Started a little rough as it was slightly disorganised. My event coordinator temporarily forgot who we are and Drone, Ktty and I followed him around for 5 mins before he found us a change room. Drone, Ktty and I went across the road to Maccas for Brekky and put our kits in the change room. As everyone rocked up, Ktty and I found the event coordinator and asked where he wanted us and what he wanted through the day as at this point he hadn't told us. ( I'll chalk it up to stress of the day)
We got back to the change rooms and started kitting up. Zerebin, jediprincess, luckyphil, sharpshooter and myself started off with ktty and drone as wranglers. Before we left the change room, i introduced myself to everyone and gave the run down of the down and went over our COVID guidelines. 
Started the day in the stadium and immediately could hear the kids excited gasps! We walked around, stopping for photos as we approached the media team. Ktty then performed the interview for the media team as the event was live-shared to FB. We roamed inside a little while before heading outside so the robot events could start. 
Outside we mostly hung around shaded areas and got many photos. Boba Fett was a huge hit and everyone lit up when they saw him. Zerebin as Kylo Ren was very menacing and a few kids were definitely a little intimidated. jediprincess had one little girl so impressed by her outfit that she specially asked for a photo of her! Too Cute! Lucky phil was great and definitely Luke Skywalker-ie, he chatted to many volunteers and staff. We alternated between outside and inside and then had a short break. I stepped out my Offworld Jawa and Ktty got into her Jedi. Went back outside and repeated. There was some amazing robots here, we were all impressed by the Robotic Dog. At this time Drone and I had to remind kids not to touch our weapons and we were impressed by how quickly they complied with no fuss! Majority of us at this point had answered many intriguing questions by the children, and we were definitely an eye grabber everywhere we went! At around 12:40pm we stopped for lunch and de kitted. jediprincess and lucky phil decided to leave at that point. The rest of us decided on Subway on lunch. After lunch around 1:20pm, Drone, Ktty and myself kitted up, while BobaCanuck, Zerebin and Sharpshooter wrangled. Again Alternating between outside and inside and we noticed much of the crowd had gone home. Drone as Kylo got many comments saying he was too skinny! Ktty found love with one of the robots, holding her hand and even managing the robot to hold those heavy sabers! Personally for myself i was surprised by the Jawa love, even getting jawas are best! I had one little girl ask me how to tell gender and i said you can't tell and we are both and was super happy to find me a girl too. Around 2:45pm the finals round was starting and then close of ceremony and noticing a thin crowd we decided to pack up for the day and go back home. For Drone, ktty and myself a whole 2.5hrs to home. 

All in all despite some organisational errors, we all had a really good day. It was a very relaxing day and i am thankful for all who attended. Thanks for helping me leave the room tidy before we left as well. 

Charity Funds Raised: N/A

Injuries / Malfunctions: N/A

Public Incidents: N/A

Mission Status: Success!!

Photos: Full Imgur album here

[Image: QG0diNb.jpg]
[Image: cJWetA6.jpg]
Well done everyone, Gold Star Cassie, from what I heard you did a great job Smile
Congratulations to those that attended , well done to Cassie and Casey for the organisational work on the day .
What a fun troop!

Thank you for being so organised - even when the organisers themselves were a little absent on the day
For your first time being the POC for an event, you beyond nailed it!
Yeah, you did a great job as POC, especially considering how unorganised the event staff seemed to be at first.

Was a good troop. Smile
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!

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