Dayboro Show
Troop Report 
Date: Saturday 2nd July 2022

Venue: Dayboro Showgrounds

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Mission: To bring the Redback awesome!

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison:
Dark Dora DZ
MyKill TI
Teiwaz TB

Geonosis School:
Skye CID4628
Tyson CID4714


Details: This was the Redback's first time attending Dayboro Show. The show committee had seen us troop at Kilcoy Show, and invited us to Dayboro.

Unfortunately the weather was dismal. The forecast during the week led to several troopers pulling out, and we ended up with only a few troopers. After trooping for two hours in drizzling to heavy showers, the costumes were soaked. Also our change room needed to be repurposed due to the weather, so we decided it wasn't worth continuing. Ironically the weather cleared on Sunday, but no one trooped the Sunday. 

The show committee were good to deal with and grateful for our attendance. The small crowd included several vendors who recognised us from Kilcoy. Everyone was friendly and happy to see us, but there was an unavoidable disappointment with the weather from both the vendors and the crowd. The show committee has had horrible luck with weather and covid the past few years, but I can see on a fine winter day they have all the elements of a fine country show. Fingers crossed for next year.

Thanks to the troopers who braved the weather, including our GA troopers.

Charity Funds Raised: $200 to Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.    

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil.

Public Incidents: Nil.

Mission Status: Successful.

Photo: Imgur album here.

[Image: FwZdzJy.jpg]
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Great job troopers!

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Sounds like a good troop! Some awesome photos in that link
[Image: UbITLYb.png]
Looks like a fun day! Awesome work troopers!
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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Edit, the receipt arrived today. $200 for the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

They also said they would like us back next year. They'll put in a request closer to the date, but its 8&9 July 2023. Hopefully the weather will be kinder.
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