Starlight Week - Zing Logan (week 2)
Troop Report 
Starlight Week – Zing Logan

Saturday the 19th August, 2023.

Zing Pop Culture, Logan Hyperdome.

10am - 12pm

To represent the Redback Garrison and raise awareness & donations on behalf of the Starlight Foundation with Zing Logan Hyperdome!

Trooper Attendance:

MyKill 20552 – ANH TI

Captain Starlight


The Redback Garrison have a long history with supporting the Starlight Foundation, and on this troop we headed to Zing at the Logan Hyperdome!

Trooper MyKill arrived bright and early for a Solo Mission, supported by Elsa (who was naturally the star of the show) and an Anime character, with wrangling and photo support from Captain Starlight - the mission went off without a hitch.  Trooper MyKill still managed to draw a crowd of well behaved younglings - and was even correctly identified several times!  

The best part of the troop was when the bestest support Doggo in Logan came into the store with their human, and permission was granted for many photos and pats (the additional photos in the Imgur album, and have had the phone details edited off their collar).  

The event continued after trooper MyKill had to exfil, and the final tally is unknown at time of posting.

Charity Funds Raised for Starlight: 

Injuries / Malfunctions: 

Public Incidents: 

Mission Status: 

A Great Success!


[Image: XYBXLaR.jpg]

[Image: o4olCyS.jpeg]

Full Imgur album (extra Doggo Pics!)
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Awesome job MyKill
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