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Please welcome TI9354 Noen

Please welcome our latest TFA Tie Pilot, TI9354 Noen

Good job Dale, looks great!

Head to the hanger NOW!

[Image: ti9354_full.jpg] [Image: ti9354_head.jpg]

Please welcome ST8079 seantrooper & ST5092 Glitch

Please welcome our first Shoretroopers ST 8079 seantrooper & ST5092 Glitch.

Well done lads look great....and I expected nothing less.

Now patrol Scarif for those Rogue elements.

[Image: st8079_full.jpg] [Image: st5092_full.jpg]

Please welcome DS8545 Oigen

Please welcome DS8545 Kylo Ren, Oigen

Looks great Ash, nice work.

Anger management is first door on the left.

[Image: ds8545_full.jpg] [Image: ds8545_head.jpg]