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Please welcome our newest Redback DZ-31569 Shadowhawk

Please all welcome DZ-31569 Shadowhawk to the Redbacks
Great work Sharon, and please excuse my lateness, ( officially approved back before Christmas)

[Image: 97JipSd.jpg]
[Image: Ly3G7NL.jpg]

Please welcome DZ-7967 A’Sharad Hett – Chopper

Please congratulate Chopper on his recent approval and a first for the Redback Garrison, A'Sharad Hett
[Image: tE9VpZY.jpg]
[Image: DcGr2P4.jpg]

Please welcome TLJ TK-4159 Beanie

Just approved in the nick of time, reporting for duty TK-4159 

[Image: qmjAIGg.jpg]