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Costume Approvals on hold during elections

Please note that during the election cycle costume approvals are on hold. 

Once the election is over and the new team is in place costume approvals will once again resume. 

We will let you know when that happens. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Garrison Command Changes Feb 2019

We have a few changes happening.

Cobra will be stepping down a s GXO and having a well deserved rest.  Cyclops will be stepping into the GXO role.

A big thanks to Muppet for stepping into the GML role when Phantom got sent to PNG.  Top effort mate.  He is being replaced by mammasith as GML.  Thanks muppet for training mammasith up and helping out.  Legend.

Cueloopz will be stepping down as GMBO and replaced by Slide Effect.  Matt has been awesome at getting the cheapest supplier in the freaking world and creating some very cool merch.  Just look at our 10 year coin.  His passion and dedication to the role has been top notch.  Enjoy the break amigo.

Being in a command position is not a reward.  It is a punishment of sorts.  We really need to thank those that put their time and efforts into running the garrison.


Thanks cobra for all your work and support

I would like to thank cobra for all of his efforts over the past 10+ years. 

He has done what most don't want to do for almost the entire time he has been in the Legion.....hold a Command position of some sort.  Rick has decided to stand down this year as GXO of the Redbacks for a well deserved break and let some other poor sucker learn the ropes.  That sucker is Cyclops.

Rick does a lot of work behind the scenes for the Garrison that most of you do not see and he has helped the garrison financially as well when need.  Rick has been a great person to bounce of ideas or just have a vent when stupidity happens in the Legion (and boy does it happen a lot).

You will not find a more loyal trooper to the Legion or a more loyal mate.  He has had my back for years and the Legions back always.

Thanks for living up to the our motto Rick and being effing awesome.  Enjoy just being a regular trooper from now on and I'll see you on the back patio for a beer soon when I no longer wear this GCO mantle, or next week, I can't wait that long for a beer.

For the Empire and Death to the Rebels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks mate.