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Please welcome DS7253 Zerebin

Please welcome our first Kylo.....DS7253 Zerebin

Well done Luke, your persistence paid off.

Now....before I tell you this you have to promise me you won't freak out....you know that girl you have in interrogation....well she may have sorta escaped, oh and your anger management therapist called and your appointment has been confirmed.

[Image: ds7253_full.jpg] [Image: ds7253_head.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TI10600, BigDub

Please welcome our newest Redback TI10600, BigDub

Well done Nick all that extra work paid off, congratulations.

Now you have passed flight school, head down to the hanger and select your TIE fighter.

[Image: ti10600_full.jpg] [Image: ti10600_head.jpg]

Please welcome DZ13974 DannytheBlue.

Please welcome our latest Tusken Raider, DZ13974 DannytheBlue.

Well done Danny, congratulations, looks great.

Join your clan and head to the Jundland Wastes I believe there is some young kid in speeder traveling through there looking for a droid.

[Image: dz13974_full.jpg] [Image: dz13974_head.jpg]