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Please welcome the newest Redback TK19749 Scorpionmatt

Please welcome the newest Redback TK19749 ANH Hero Scorpionmatt.

Great work Matt looks fantastic.

Join the squad heading to Detention Block AA-23 apparently there has been a weapons malfunction.

[Image: tk19749_full.jpg] [Image: tk19749_head.jpg]

Please welcome TK9064 Lei

Please welcome TK9064 Lei, in her TK ANH Stunt costume.

Nice work Lei looks great

Now that you have passed basic training, please stand fast and your orders will be issued shortly.

[Image: tk9064_full.jpg] [Image: tk9064_head.jpg]

Please welcome the newest Redbacks

Please make welcome our newest Redbacks....The Bundy 3

Ariehn DZ22372
Darkfather DZ37781
Ghalgor DZ91071

A jawa invasion in Bundaberg, look out for these three trying to sell you dodgy droids.

Well done and welcome to Melanie, Phillip and Graham.

[Image: dz22372_full.jpg] [Image: dz22372_head.jpg]

[Image: dz37781_full.jpg] [Image: dz37781_head.jpg]

[Image: dz91071_full.jpg] [Image: dz91071_head.jpg]