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Please welcome IC-3989 Buzzard

Please welcome our newest member of the scanning crew IC-3989 Buzzard.

Nice work Buzz, looks great.

Head down to Docking Bay 327 there is a captured freighter in need of scanning.

[Image: ic3989_full-1.jpg] [Image: ic3989_thumb-1.gif]

Please welcome our Newest Member TB 24280 Shutter

Please welcome the newest Redback TB 24280 Shutter

Excellent work Bec, looks great. All the time an effort has paid off, well done! Now you are officially one of us!! I look forward to trooping with you soon.

Grab your speeder and watch out for that tree.............
[Image: tb24280_full.jpg] [Image: tb24280_head.jpg]

Please welcome TI 19866

Please welcome the Redbacks newest pilot in training, TI-19866 Blueski.

Congrats Kurt, looks great.

Keep up the training in the simulator, you will get the keys to a nice new shiny Tie Fighter soon enough.

[Image: ti19866_full.jpg]