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Please welcome TA-4159 Beanie

Please welcome our AT-AT Commander TA-4159 Beanie.

Well done Beanie, looks great mate excellent work.

Commander, prepare your troops for a surface attack.

[Image: ta4159_full.jpg] [Image: ta4159_head.jpg] [Image: ta4159_thumb.gif]

Please welcome the newest Redback TD10538 Dw

Please welcome the newest Redback TD10538 Dw

Well done Glenn, looks great.

Board the next shuttle is heading for Tatooine you are to investigate the site of the crashed escape pod.

[Image: td10538_full.jpg] [Image: td10538_head.jpg]

Please welcome TA-77104 Cueloopz

Please welcome our newest AT-AT driver TA-77104 Cueloopz

Great work Matt, looks excellent. All the time and research you have put into this costume has paid off.

Get moving, General Veers is preparing his troops for the ground assault on the sixth planet of the Hoth system your AT-AT awaits.

[Image: ta77104_full.jpg] [Image: ta77104_head.jpg]