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Trooper Spotlight: Altair

RC 11157 (Republic Commando: Fixer)

Name: John Kenyon (aka Altair)

Legion ID: TK11157

What made you want to join the 501st? When I first found out about the 501st and Redbacks at SupaNova Brisbane 2009, I was amazed at the quality of the costumes and how involved the group was in raising money/awareness for various charities. Helping the community whilst having fun sounded like a win win for me! So I just knew I had to be a part of this group.

What costumes do you have?

  • ANH Stormtrooper (Stunt)
  • Republic Commando: Fixer

What is your most memorable troop? The midnight screening of Star Wars Ep7 The Force Awakens @ Chermside Cinemas in 2015.

What is your favourite Star Wars character? R2-D2 and Boba Fett.

Please welcome TX25087 pecklez

Please welcome our newest Shadow Trooper TX25087 pecklez

Good work Kerrin, that extra effort paid off!

Now that you have completed your specialised training stand by you will assigned to extremely classified mission shortly.

[Image: tx25087_full.jpg] [Image: tx25087_head.jpg]

Please welcome TS15070 Rebelrach

Please welcome our latest snow trooper TS15070 Rebelrach.

Great work Rach!

Board the AT-AT for the assault on the rebel base.

[Image: ts15070_full.jpg] [Image: ts15070_head.jpg]