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Please welcome TS15070 Rebelrach

Please welcome our newest Snow Trooper TS15070 Rebelrach to the Garrison.

Congratulations Rachel, you've done an awesome job on this & you should be very proud. I know it's been a life long favorite of yours.

[Image: ts15070_full.jpg] [Image: ts15070_head.jpg] [Image: ts15070_thumb.gif]

Please welcome DS10082 Picasso

Please welcome Night Sister Naa'Leth DS10082 Picasso to the Garrison.

Congratulations Ainsleigh.

[Image: ds10082_full.jpg] [Image: ds10082_head.jpg] [Image: ds10082_thumb.gif]

Please welcome DS5347 Rayvn

Please welcome our newest Night Sister, Naa'leth DS5347 Rayvn.

Congratulations Lisa, you've done an amazing job with this.

I look forward to seeing you trooping with your fellow witch Karis at Nova.

[Image: sl5347_full.jpg] [Image: sl5347_head.jpg] [Image: sl5347_thumb.gif]