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Please welcome TC3447 Nerf

Please welcome our Newest Clone, Boost TC3447 Nerf, to the Garrison.

Congratulations on a great build Craig. Looking forward to seeing you trooping with your Brothers at Dream World.

[Image: ct3447_full.jpg] [Image: ct3447_head.jpg] [Image: ct3447_thumb.gif]

Please welcome TB11573 MammaSith

Tis the night for tree dodgers :-

Please welcome our latest Biker Scout, TB11573 MammaSith to the Garrison.

Loving the Pic Kayle, looking forward to trooping with you at DW14.

[Image: tb11573_full.jpg] [Image: tb11573_head.jpg] [Image: tb11573_thumb.gif]

Please welcome TB11384 Viper Scout

Please welcome our newest Biker Scout, TB11384 Viper Scout to the Garrison.

Congratulations Warren.

[Image: tb11384_full.jpg] [Image: tb11384_head.jpg] [Image: tb11384_thumb.gif]