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Please welcome TK3461 Scope

Please welcome our newest TK and birthday boy TK3461 Scope.

Looks great Jas as usual.

Now that you have completed training, stand by your orders will be forwarded shortly.

[Image: tk3461_full.jpg] [Image: tk3461_head.jpg]

Please welcome 3212 Tirilia

Another one of our members has done it again and made a fantastic Legion first costume.

Please welcome 3212 Tirilia, in her Traitor Barriss Offee costume. It is so new that they haven't even been able to give her a designation yet.

Fantastic work Liz!

[Image: Barris_full.jpg]

Please welcome IG31138 cavx

Please welcome our latest edition to the growing Imperial Gunner ranks IG31138 cavx.

Well done Mark, looks great.

Fire when ready!

[Image: ig31138_full.jpg] [Image: ig31138_head.jpg]