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Its not easy being green,

Please welcome TX- 86810 GaugeRage
Nice work!
[Image: iNuqzrI.jpg][Image: HErQUug.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TK-91167 Wrexham

Can never ever, have enough grunts to do the Emperors dirty work.

Congrats  Paul, TK-91167 on joining the Redbacks ( and Razorbacks) ranks.
[Image: trdw935.jpg]
[Image: a0ktR6s.jpg]

welcome to our newest Fly Boys Firestorm and JD

Please welcome our newest high flyers Matt and JD.
Who needs shields right, only wimpy Rebels do

[Image: 8BK2IMA.jpg][Image: ZmysSol.jpg]

[Image: sr9gFYl.jpg][Image: zbLdAkN.jpg]