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Please welcome RC11157 Altair

Please welcome our newest Republic Commando, Fixer RC 11157 Altair.

Well done John it looks superb, you and your crew did a fantastic job.

Well at last. The rest of Delta Squad have been patiently waiting, well go on hurry up and join them.

[Image: rc11157_full.jpg] [Image: rc11157_head.jpg]

We now have the complete set, not quite mint in box but pretty darn close. Well done Delta Squad.

[Image: rc6300_full.jpg] [Image: rc51173_full.jpg] [Image: rc85606_full.jpg]
[Image: rc11157_full.jpg]

Now John, I can't quite see this signal in the approved hand signals file....oh well I guess it is an RC thing Wink

[Image: RC%20Fixer%20Signal.jpg]

[Image: FunnyHandSignals.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TK90579 Scotty33

Please welcome our newest Redback TK90579 Scotty33

Well done Scott, it looks great mate!

Now that you have finally completed training, head to the detention level to for your first assignment.

[Image: tk90579_full.jpg] [Image: tk90579_head.jpg]

Please welcome TK4159 Beanie

Please welcome the Redbacks first First Order Stormtrooper TK4159 Beanie

Looks great mate, well done.

There's been an awakening.

[Image: tk4159_full.jpg] [Image: tk4159_head.jpg]