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Please welcome TS15070 Rebelrach

Please welcome our latest snow trooper TS15070 Rebelrach.

Great work Rach!

Board the AT-AT for the assault on the rebel base.

[Image: ts15070_full.jpg] [Image: ts15070_head.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TI24242 Wendell

Please welcome our newest Redback TI24242 Reserve TIE Pilot, Wendell

Good job Stewart, looks good!

Nice work cadet. You have just got to work on the specialist training to get your wings.

[Image: ti24242_full.jpg] [Image: ti24242_head.jpg]

Please welcome TR66682 Flashheart

Please welcome our first Shadow Guard TR66682 Flashheart.

Great work!

Stand by to receive orders from Emperor Palpatine be prepared you might be sent to eliminate a suspected Jedi.

[Image: tr66682_full.jpg] [Image: tr66682_head.jpg]