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Congratulations Drone DZ21783

Congratulaions to Drone on his Off world Jawa.

We look forward to seeing you and Meowied_Cass trooping togther  Doppeldaumen1

[Image: 4wBpPtu.jpg]  [Image: LyYF7vS.jpg]

Congratulations Meowied_Cass DZ21578

Please welcome our newest member Meowied Cass 

Cass is also the first Offworld Jawa for the Redbacks!! Doppeldaumen1

[Image: UBYmgXX.jpg]

[Image: nhwCRWm.jpg]

Congratulations Tythetrooper – TB 15148

Please welcome our newest  tree dodger Tythephantom

[Image: 4ot21uV.jpg] [Image: nnqjcYF.jpg]