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Please welcome TR66682 Flashheart

Please welcome our first Shadow Guard TR66682 Flashheart.

Great work!

Stand by to receive orders from Emperor Palpatine be prepared you might be sent to eliminate a suspected Jedi.

[Image: tr66682_full.jpg] [Image: tr66682_head.jpg]

Please welcome CT71470 MjrD

Please welcome our first 212th Battalion Clone Trooper CT71470 MjrD.

Well done mate, looks great!

Join Commander Cody on Utapau and assist him in carry out Order 66 and execute the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

[Image: ct71470_full.jpg] [Image: ct71470_head.jpg]

New GEC and addition to the PR team

I would like to congratulate (or say haha suckers) Gix and Iceheart in their acceptance of new roles on the Command Staff team.
Gix (Renae) is joining the GEC team to replace Bullant.  Renae has shown great enthusiasm and a knack for organising things in the NQ squad catchment area.  She will be learning from Baytrooper and I am sure that she is more than capable of living up to the role.  It is a hard slog, but very rewarding.  The added bonus is that Gix is in the NQ catchment for the future squad, so it will be great to have a CS member in the area for those local troopers.  Welcome aboard Gix!!!
Iceheart (Sue) has been added to the PR team to help Buzzard with a more event digital media orientated role in the PR team.  Sue has shown that she can brand and put together amazing videos for the garrison and our upcoming events.  With PSD, DW2017 and the GECB coming up this is a great addition to the PR team.  I cannot wait to see the next videos.  Welcome aboard Iceheart!!!

Please congratulate Renae and Sue in their new roles.  It takes a lot of time and energy to volunteer to the CS.  I look forward to them being awesome!