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Please welcome TK24984 Diatium

Please welcome the newest TK24984 Diatium, with his TK ANH Stunt costume.

Nice work Leith looks great

Vader has requested a squad to storm the recently captured ship, collect your blaster and move to the loading bay.

[Image: tk24984_full-1.jpg] [Image: tk24984_head-1.jpg]

Welcome to 2015 Redbacks!

Welcome to 2015 Redbacks!

Now that we’ve official farewelled the Royal Children’s Hospital, all our hospital troops in Brisbane are now centralised at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in 2015. As the hospital begins to reach its operational capacity, the Redbacks will be there in number to put smiles on the faces of all the kids in the wards.

In April we will be launching our largest Redback Expeditionary force ever, as around 30 troopers and their families make the trip to Anaheim to storm Celebration VII. Those not attending Celebration VII will still be kept busy, as we also will be attending Gold Coast Supanova in April – and this should prove to be our most exciting yet with new props and sets planned for that event.

If 2015 is anything like 2014, then we will also be attending around 200 events throughout the year here in Queensland, and supporting many different charities along the way. Our numbers will most likely swell out to 150 active troopers, and we’ll need every single one of them before the year is out, as we prepare for Disney to invest about a billion dollars into our hobby in the form of the new trilogies – the first one being released this coming December.

So let’s start 2015 as we left 2014 – and continue our record of being the most awesome Garrison in the Legion!

Kev Vader
Redback Garrison CO

Please welcome the newest Redback TK24984 Diatium

Please welcome the newest Redback Heavy Weapons Trooper TK24984 Diatium.

Great work Leith looks fantastic, just keep it nice and shiny Wink

Now that you have passed your special weapons training please standby for your assignment.

[Image: tk24984_full.jpg] [Image: tk24984_head.jpg]