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Please welcomeTX-76222 JediMel

Please welcome our newest Spec. Ops trooper to the Garrison TX-76222 JediMel.

Another world first I believe the animated Swamp Trooper.

Looks fantastic Mel. All the hard work that everyone has done on this project to get it approved congratulations. Craig would have been proud, wear it with pride Mel.

[Image: tx76222_full.jpg] [Image: tx76222_head.jpg]

Please welcome DS5347 Rayvn

Please welcome Asajj Ventress, Night Sister DS5347 Rayvn.

Well done Lisa, looks awesome. Great work.

[Image: ds5347_full.jpg] [Image: ds5347_head.jpg]

Please welcome SL3860 Sithprincess

Please welcome our newest Dark Lord, SL3860 Sithprincess ROTS Vader.

Well done Tamsin. Now go work on that force choke there are more than enough officers to practice on.

[Image: sl3860_full.jpg] [Image: sl3860_head.jpg]