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New Charity Officers Appointment

Hi team,

Please congratulate Sly and Tygress in their appointment as the Garrisons new Charity Officers. Both Sly and Tygress have a wealth of knowledge and skills that will allow them to take over this role and make it their own. They have some big shoes to fill and I am more than confident that they will rise to the occasion.

I would like to thank both scope and Madamsith for the great job they have done over the past few years. Their honesty and integrity have been above reproach. They have proven time and time again that they go above and beyond in this role to make sure we are on track with donations and in synch with our charity partners. Our relationship with our charity partners has never been stronger. Thanks Anda and Jason. You guys have been awesome. Enjoy your new roles as regular Joe troopers......well except scope, you better get to work on that one to one scale Death Star we all want. You have the time now buddy. Cheeky

Thanks to both the outgoing team and the incoming team. Without people like you all stepping up, we would not have the awesome Garrison we do.


Trooper Spotlight: Hopfot

TX 4881 (General Weir)

Name: Scott Higgins (aka Hopfot)

Legion ID: TX4881

What made you want to join the 501st? I started out looking for a decent Stormtrooper costume just to have on display in my dwelling. Then somehow, in my search on the internet, I came across the Rebel Legion. Since I already had a Jedi costume this didn’t interest me. However I found a link on the RL website which redirected me to the 501st, a costuming club of Star Wars Fans who dress (primarily) as Stormtroopers. This was perfect, not only would I be able to find the armour, but I’ll also get to know a whole bunch of people who share the same interest and love of Star Wars as myself. So I got my first set of Stormtrooper Armour and in February of 2010 I became a member of the 501st Redback Garrison. Since then I have also joined The Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs and own a variety of costumes across the 3 clubs.

What costumes do you have? For just the 501st I have:

  • Tusken Raider: AOTC (male)
  • Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
  • General Weir

What is your most memorable troop? I have so many memorable troops. Especially my first 2 troops in 2010, Dreamworld Promo day and the very first Dreamworld troop. However, I would probably have to say the most memorable troop I have ever attended was the first wedding troop I  did up in the mountains. Through the fogged up lens of my Shadow Scout helmet, it looked like a scene from Naboo. The bride was dressed as Padme Amidala, the groom was Anakin, groomsmen were Royal Guards, Bridesmaids were Handmaidens, the celebrant was an Imperial Officer, the flower girl was Princess Leia and everyone else was in assorted Star Wars (and some space balls) costumes.

What is your favourite Star Wars character? I always find it difficult to choose a favourite when asked this question as each Movie, Series, Novel, and so on has it’s own characters. But to list my favouites so far and in no order, would be: Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Prequel Trilogy) and Boba Fett, and all the main characters in Episode VII.

Please welcome TK50100 Nilrem

Please welcome in his first costume as a Redback TK50100 Nilrem.

Nice work on the second TK mate, looks great.

Congratulations after passing all your academy training, your orders are being processed stand by for further instructions.

[Image: tk50100_full.jpg] [Image: tk50100_head.jpg]