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Congratulations Venom Squad!

Congratulations to the latest squad in the Redback Garrison.  Venom Squad is our third squad for the garrison.  It encompasses the area from the very tip of Australia down to Mackay and all the way out to our state border in the west.  A very large area, but with the troopers mainly residing in Townsville and Mackay it won't be too hard looking after the troopers at this point in time.  Cairns is starting to see trooper activity as well which is great to see! 

NQDude will be the Squad Leader for Venom Squad and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do to build and grow the garrison in our northern most region. With Magneticon coming up and a troop in Cairns this weekend I am sure he will help this area increase their numbers further.

I have a soft spot for this region as it is where I was born and raised and to finally see the squad formed is fantastic for me.

Congratulations Venom Squad!

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Please congratulate Diatium TI-24984 on his recent Reserve Pilot approval

Every pilot needs a reserve costume.
Nice work Leith.
[Image: VQrlWWK.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback ID-86662 Darth Cooper

Please welcome our very Intelligent Darth Cooper
Nice work Sian !

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