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Congratulations Raptor – TS 61912

Congratulations to Raptor on his Snowtrooper, another one to join the summer training program.

[Image: Snu9yli.jpg]

[Image: e3NUbCp.jpg]

Garrison Staff Changes December 2018

Hi all,

Please note that there have been a couple of staff changes.

We would like to thank Sue Tape aka Iceheart for being a great PR person.  Sue has decided to step down.  We wish her the best.

Sasha Martin aka squid has been put into our PR team.  Sasha has been fantastic this year all over the garrison, being a GEM for OCC and BrisNova as well as just helping wherever she can.  Sasha will be an asset to the PR team with her enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Slide Effect is also jumping into the GWL role to help with photoshopping all out approval photos and other tasks the GML team need.  As well as jumping into the second banana seat as Assistant Merch Officer to help out there.  Another trooper that likes to put himself out there to help the garrison as much as he can.

Congratulations to your new roles.

2018 Redack Garrison Award Winners

Please congratulate our 2018 Redback Garrison award winners.  All winners are well deserving members of this fine garrison.  In each of their own ways they have helped shape and build the garrison this year in positive, helpful and selfless ways.

Trooper of the Year
Michael "MyKill" Wright

Troopers Trooper
JD "Flashheart" Garrahy

Rookie of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Longfin "Sharky" Squad Member of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Razorback "Piggy" Squad Member of the Year
Matthew "Duras" Laye

Venom "Occy" Squad Member of the Year
Kerrin "pecklez" Peck

Congratulations troopers.  Thanks for being so awesome!