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Please welcome the Garrisons first Deathtroopers, TX-11188 & TX-9893

Once you go black, you never go back, looks a lot better than gold Smile
Please congratulate Redav and Lexis on the recent approval of their Deathtroopers

[Image: fzG0urk.jpg][Image: rfp2HEU.jpg]

[Image: vq29H7Z.jpg][Image: 9uR28rE.jpg]

Congratulations ID 40363 Robotom

Please congratulate Robotom on his recent approval.
Well done trooper !

[Image: bKfhn9p.jpg]

                                                               [Image: KxspZdk.gif]

Please welcome another scavenger DZ-24984

Lock up your droids!!!
Congratulations to Diatium on his Jawa

[Image: R8Cmw5b.gif]          [Image: xCTR7SZ.gif]