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Please welcome ID70809 Dark Dora & ID12311 Teiwaz

Please welcome the latest from the Imperial Security Bureau the husband and wife team of ID70809 Dark Dora & ID12311 Teiwaz.

Great work Stacey & Dave.

You can start off with surveillance. Start uncovering people that might be helping rebel scum, their activities may obstruct the Empires' plans.

[Image: id70809_full.jpg] [Image: id12311_full.jpg]

Farewell from the Outgoing Commanding Officer

Well, this is my last post as the Garrison CO.

Eight years has seen some huge changes to the Legion and some great changes here in Queensland, and with the new movie now out, there will be a whole lot more.

I’d sincerely like to thank the entire Garrison for their support over the years. The club is only as strong as its members make it, and the Redbacks’ reputation as a leader in all aspects of this hobby is without compare, and that is wholly due to outstanding drive, ethos and desire to be the best that the Redback members have within themselves.

Not only have we led the way in the hobby of Star Wars costuming, but in the process the club has allowed for many lasting friendships to be formed, both within the Redbacks and also around Australia and across the world.

I hesitate to take credit for much at all whilst I have been the steward of the club, but I take some pride in the fact that whilst I have been at the helm I have contributed to creating an environment where so many new friendships have been able to form. As I pass into retirement I shall take this as the principle legacy of my time as the 501st Legion’s Redback Garrison Commanding Officer.

Rick ‘Cobra’ Oliver will now take over as the Acting GCO until the end of February, whereupon the Garrison will elect a new GCO.

Thank you all for your kind words over the past few weeks, and I look forward to trooping with you all in the future.

Kevin ‘Kev Vader’ Chamberlain
Redback Garrison Commanding Officer (Retired)

Please welcome our newest Redback TI91397 Firestorm

Please welcome our newest Redback TI91397 Firestorm

Well done Matt, great work! Another one from the bay, Hervey Bay that is!

Congratulations on passing basic training. Some addition skills and a new shiny TIE will be ready and waiting for you.

[Image: ti91397_full.jpg] [Image: ti91397_head.jpg]