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Please welcome IG31138 cavx

Please welcome our latest edition to the growing Imperial Gunner ranks IG31138 cavx.

Well done Mark, looks great.

Fire when ready!

[Image: ig31138_full.jpg] [Image: ig31138_head.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TB31472 Scout472

Please welcome our newest Redback TB31472 Scout472, biker scout.

Excellent work Noel.

Your transport is waiting, join the rest of your recon unit. You are heading to Endor, it should be pretty quiet assignment.

[Image: tb31472_full.jpg] [Image: tb31472_head.jpg]

Please welcome SL6597 Mortogg

Please welcome SL6597 Mortogg or should I say Anakin.

Great work Wade.

My only suggestion....stay away from Mustafar.

[Image: sl6597_full.jpg] [Image: sl6597_head.jpg]