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Please welcom IC-41138 Cre8tiv

Please welcome our newest scanning crew member IC-41138 Cre8tiv.

Great work Sam!

Your fellow scanning crew member is waiting for you in Docking Bay 327, better hurry.

[Image: ic41138_full.jpg]

Please welcome our newest Redback TK11469 Sly

Please welcome the newest Redback TK11469 Sly

Well done Andrew looks fantastic all the time and effort has paid off.

We have just captured a rebel ship and Vader wants a boarding party to capture the spy and regain the stolen plans to the death star. Head to the docking bay to join the rest of your team.

[Image: tk11469_full.jpg] [Image: tk11469_head.jpg]

Please welcome TB19866 Blueski

Please welcome our latest tree dodger TB 19866 Blueski

Well done Kurt, looks great.

Your speeder is in the shop so take a load off and brush up on your Endor Survival Guide while it is being repaired.

[Image: tb19866_full.jpg] [Image: tb19866_head.jpg]