Troopers Creed

Unto this calling we have all voluntered,
Away from our home and families,
To help others less fortunate than us,
To a place where hope may have faded.

Under cloudless skies we shared Dreamworld & Childrens Hospitals together,
When venues changed we brought smiles to kids as one,
It seems as though we’ve been troopers for half a lifetime,
Yet as I write this I realise its only been a blink.

What can you see on that horizon ?
Keep looking and soon you will see yourself helping others,
To some we walk a lonely road, unknown to most,
Keep the faith my troopers there are things worth Armouring up for.

Soon we must troop again to raise money where it is neeed,
Trooping was established by the first and was entrusted to us,
To work hard for the good of others, as those first troopers did,
To serve with humility and take hardship in our stride.

Our transports carry us home after each troop, but memories will remain,
For we were troopers before we met,
Our reasons may be different but our minds are alike,
One thing is certain, I am a better trooper now… now that I have trooped beside you.

So take care of each other my troopers in restoring hope each time,
Never falter in your step and you will see smiles appear,
Fear not the end for hope is everything… and,
My hope is that we should remain active for many troops to come … My Brother.

~ ScOrP