Redback Garrison Command Team - 2022

Shawn Truesdell

Commanding Officer

Having held various positions in the Legion both Internationally and Globally, Shawn is committed to helping his Garrison be the best in can be. 

Redback Garrison Logo

Stewart Rolfe

Executive Officer

Stewart is an avid costumer and model maker with an incredible eye for detail. He has experience in Legion, Detachment and Garrison Leadership and is committed to furthering our Garrisons goal of costumed charity & community service. 

Kayle Rennell

Garrison Membership Liaison

After years as the Garrisons “Go To” seamstress Kayle brings a wealth of costume knowledge to the role of GML.

Jarrad Booth

Garrison Guard

Cutter has been a long time member of the 501st Legion, even after being dragged kicking and screaming to join by his wife. He takes great pleasure in performing as part of the Jedi Academy and Sith vs Jedi shows at our Dreamworld weekend each year and creating memorable moments for the children who participate. His uncanny ability to keep his head, when all others lose theirs is why his is perfect for the role of GG.

Sue Tape

Garrison Guard

Sue’s no nonsense approach works to a “T” in her role as Garrison Guard, cool (Ice Cool), calm and beautifully articulate, Sue has the ability to keep things on an even keel whilst still keeping our Garrison in check.

Colleen Spoljarevic

Garrison Charity Representative

Colleen is part of the team responsible for managing our increasingly large donations to the numerous charities we support.

Sam Techer

Garrison Charity Representative

Sam is part of the team responsible for managing our increasingly large donations to the numerous charities we support.

Grant Smith

Garrison Merchandising & Branding Officer

An avid collector of Star Wars merchandise since 1977, Grant takes his collection of Legion patches & coins seriously. A prolific trader with members around the world, Grant makes the perfect addition to the Garrison Merch team.

Sasha Martin

Garrison Public Relations Officer

Sasha is part of the team responsible for managing our social media profile and liaising with media.

Matthew Laye

Garrison Web Liaison & Webmaster

Duras spends his days playing games online Managing IT systems for a major Construction/Resources company, but when he is not working he can be found Managing IT systems playing games online!!

Adam Cutting
(Slide Effect)

Garrison Web Liaison & Webmaster

Doing little except for making Duras look good is pretty much Slide’s MO….. also something to do with lasers.

Adam Clarke

Garrison Event Co-ordinator

Adam joined the Redback Garrison family in November 2012. Starting with a Sandtrooper, he then decided to take a “cooler” option also and become a Snowtrooper. This master “Photobomber” Snowtrooper is known for making frequent trips down the coast to Brisbane and surrounds from his home region of Hervey Bay. In 2015, he became a Garrison Event Co-ordinator, assisting Bullant in the role. This was a proud moment in his 501st life, only recently topped by being appointed as the Squad Leader of the Redback Garrison’s new “Razorbacks Squad”. Keep an eye out in your photo’s, you never know when he will pop up.

Casey Radford

Garrison Event Co-ordinator

Casey’s infectious excitement about trooping and events is a perfect fit for the GEC team. 

A hardworking and dedicated member of the Garrison, she does her best to ensure events are looked after and members are keen to troop, making our events as successful as possible.

Bruce Rennell

Garrison Armourer

Quiet, unassuming with a knack for cutting himself, Bruce has built more armour in his time with the Redback Garrison than most members.

Having assisted so many Redbacks in completing thier costumes Bruce has an eye for detail and a flair for tin snips.