Location: Queen Street Mall, Brisbane
Landscape/Weather: Permacrete, hot
Date /Time: 16/01/2010 11:00-13:00hrs

Troopers: SL4035 Kev Vader
TK 2153 The Scotsman
TK 2620 Crypto
TK 4132 Thewolf
TK 4423 TKTex
TK 6232 Moxxxie
TK 7384 Bigmac
TK 7622 Thesnifer
TK 8995 Muppet
TD 1535

Wranglers: SL 3208 Kitiara
TB 889 Oz_Scout
Kookaburra the artist formally known as Kobukuro

Special Appearances:  TR 6263 Redpaint

Report: To maintain a strong imperial presence for the launch of the Adidas Originals x Star Wars Collection Launch


Troopers and Sith Lord arrived well before deployment time of 11:00 hrs. Troopers were first out for a little re-con and secure the shop front before the arrival of our supreme commander. Lord Vader was escorted through the shop with his finest troopers while the Imperial March was played on the shops intercoms. Lord Vader and Storm Troopers presence put local inhabitants at ease, when they realized that the Emperor’s compassion could extend to the outer rim territories. Many holopics were taken, and Adidas shoes walked out the door.
Alas, even the most loyal servants get tired, and it was 13:00 hrs before we knew it.

Injuries: TD1535 was pushed over by a couple of aliens, further investigations to follow

Public Incidents: 1 but wont go into it.

Malfunctions: Nil

Happy People: Everyone that had their picture taken, Foot Locker staff

Not Happy People: Those whose cameras malfunctioned

Mission Status: Complete success

TK 8995 out

PS. Personally i wish to thank all troopers and wranglers for their professionalism shown at the troop. Redback Garrison leading the way.

Some pics from today’s troop. Was a blast.