TB 8995 Muppet’s Troop Report

Childrens Ward

Location: Bundaberg Base Hospital Childrens Ward

Landscape/Weather: Indoors Aircon

Date / Time: 21/11/2009 10:00-11:00hrs

Troopers: The Snip

er TK 7622
TheWolf TK 4132
TS 4159 Beanie
TB 8995 Muppet
SL 3208 Kit

Wranglers: nil

Report: To spread the word and love from the Emperor’s finest

Summery: Troopers arrived at the Bundaberg Base Hospital already in armour, after making a dash across town from the PCYC in the black blinged cruiser. After being stopped by some local inhabitants and holopics taken, we found our way into the Childrens ward. We made contact with our local intelligence agent,nurse Cathy, who was totally blown away with our presence. Troopers then visited the patients, who too were in shock but they soon discovered that the Empire are a very loveable group. Once loyalty was shown, gifts were given and troopers were rewarded with huge smiles and thankyou’s. It was soon time to leave but not before the word had gotten around, that the Emperor’s finest were in the building, and more Doctors and nurses from the other wards wanted their picture taken.

Casualties: nil

Happy People: the whole Bundaberg Hospital

People not happy: nil

Mission Status: Complete success,

Malfunctions- TK 7622 suffered a major malfunction with his suspender retainers coming unstuck-probably caused by the ride over

TB 8995 out