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My Star Wars –

June 16, 2013Moxxxie Comments Off on My Star Wars –

Spaniard has done it again: Hey guys, I guess most of you have already seen the film but I’ll post it here just in case some of you don’t have the link. This is the doco I shot about Apok and the 501st/Redbacks, during the dreamworld weekend. Have a look and i’m sure you will […]

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4KQ Annual Christmas Party

December 3, 2012Moxxxie Comments Off on 4KQ Annual Christmas Party

The Redback Garrison attended this years Annual 4KQ Children’s Christmas Party. It’s always a favorite for all of our troopers, as we get so many enthusiastic kids and parents wanting to share the simple fun of Star Wars! This year, we had a huge turn out, even escorted into the event by the Queensland Police […]

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It’s a wrap!

May 28, 2012Moxxxie Comments Off on It’s a wrap!
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