Galactic Fest media Promo
Troop Report 
Transmission start: CC-33827 Commander Cody, Bolt Reporting!

Galactic Fest Media Promo

Date: 09/01/20

Mission: To appear for the local media to promote the Galactic Fest day!

Mission Status: Success!!


501st attendance: CC:33827 Bolt, TK: 90579 Scotty33

08:00 – Arrived and began suiting up
08:45 – Scotty and I moved to the shooting location in the Library foyer
09:00 – We inspected a few props brought by an exhibitor and waited for media crews to arrive
09:15 – We posed behind a presenter, posed with library books and acted in a short section of video
09:45 – Finishing up we de-kitted!  

Malfunctions/injuries: Duct tape was handy for Scotty's webbing and I didn't turn on my fans which was a mistake as I fogged up very quickly and couldn't see!

Public incidents: The presenter for the Chronicle used a Star Trek quote in the Star Wars segment.

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[Image: 49383364227_fb3bf70ff9_c.jpg]
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Star Trek , what blasphemy, nice work boys .
He could have at least said "this is the way"

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Awesome job guys.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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