Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland 2021 Troop #1
Date: 04/12/21

Venue: Queen's park botanical gardens, Toowoomba

Time: 6pm arrival for 7pm start. 9pm finish. 

Mission: To take pictures with the public and bring Christmas cheer. 

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: Bolt CC:33827, Oxy TK:29566, Scotty33 TK:90579, Sharpshooter ID:22008, Zerebin SL:7253

RL: None

MM/GA etc: None

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: Snips BH:22810
Wranglers etc.

Details: Everyone arrived early and all eyes were on the weather radar. As we suited up some rather large black clouds rolled in and so did the thunder.. unperturbed we kitted up and despite some trouble getting into the park (Scotty had to convince the SES guys to let us in), we found our spot and settled in to wait for the Wonderland to open. 
For the first hour and a half we never stopped taking photos! The public were for the majority well behaved and happy to see us. Sharpshooter acted as a wrangler when needed as Snips had other responsibilities that night but assisted when she could. 

Special mention has to go to Oxy as this was his first troop in his TK. The wonderland is not an easy event for sure, it's dark and there are a lot of people everywhere. Well done mate!

Thank you also to Zerebin for coming up and rounding out our crew! Unfortunately no-one knows who Kylo Ren is here in Toowoomba (Darth Vader? Darth Maul?) but despite this you "showed them the dark side". 

We trooped until 9pm and the force must have been with us because the huge storm split and went either side of queen's park! 

Charity Funds Raised: Indirectly

Injuries / Malfunctions: No injuries (Maybe Oxy's neck seal was a little tight..) and the only malfunctions were on Scotty's suit and my santa hat pom-pom kept getting in the way of my vision. 

Public Incidents: None, wait.. did we make no-one cry??

Mission Status: Complete success.


[Image: 51724595611_c990d5f092_z.jpg]

[Image: 51723784797_2c0c50ae87_z.jpg]

[Image: 51724848688_e8f1254396_z.jpg][url=][/url]
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Awesome work guys .
Looks aaawwwwsome. Can't wait to get up there on the 18th.
[Image: aIWrVx8.gif]
Wow, fantastic troop, great work all.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

[Image: O3WoGCh.png]

[Image: Eu2xjUD.png]
I believe we made one small child cry... she was very confused what was going on and I believe Scotty tried to offer a high 5 and she ran away with a few tears.

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