TK 8995 Redback Squad Troop Report

McHappy Day

Location: McDonalds Wynnum

Landscape/Weather: Indoor slippery tiled A/C, outdoors warm with a strong lovely breeze

Date / Time: Saturday 14th November 11-13.30

Troopers: TK 8995 Muppet
TK 4423 TkTex
Supertrooper Ray, Rebel Legion

Wrangler: nil

Report: To support the staff at McDonalds on their McHappy day,and help them raise money towards ” Ronald McDonalds House Charaties” to support seriously ill children and keep them close to their families.

Summery: ST (supertrooper) and Muppet were first on location, and armoured up in no time. They were closely followed by TkTerry. We selected our spot and began to show the public that Stormtroopers aren’t the bad guys by rattling the tin. Also in attendance were pirates. They were quickly referred to as Space pirates. ST and TKTerry decided to check out the drive thru which proved to be winner. With a captive audience, the customers in their cars lining up to order their Maccas, they had no were to go, and with ST’s Jedi mind trick, the donation tin soon began to gather weight. Muppet joined them to take advantage of their location. Everyone wanted photos with them,even those that were driving thru the drive thru. Customers jumped out of their vehicles just so they could have their photo taken.
In no time at all, the lunch rush was over and our job was done. Even had 2 prospective guys that very keen on joining our ranks. Troopers were rewarded with drinks and BigMacs. Management were very happy with our presence, and not only for their customers who donated ,but the staff working too, and talk of next years McHappy day was discussed.

Casualties: nil

Injuries: For the first time ever, i had some little armour bites from my forearms. Might have something to do with me not haven worn the TK since Tassie and too much good food in the last few months.

Armor Repairs: Terry did some repairs before arriving on scene and whilst disarming a side strap let go.

Happy People: It was McHappy Day, happy people everywhere

People not happy: nil

Mission Status: An outright success with nearly 2 full large donation buckets.