Troop for some special kiddies who could use a bit of Christmas joy.

16 Dec, 2009

Springwood Aquatic Centre

11:00hrs – 15:00hrs

Trooper Attendance:

SL 4035 Kev VADER
TB 0889 oz_scout
TS 7675 Phil – FIRST TROOP

Support Crew:

TK-TEX and Kev Vader were the first to arrive and they executed a covert recce mission covering the target trooping area.

Kellie was next to arrive for a briefing session and mission details. Phil reported for duty next to put in his very first troop as a member of the fighting 501st. Phil chose from his already impressive range of costumes that of Imperial Snowtrooper to launch his opening salvos for the Empire.

Oz-scout was soon on the scene and impressed us all with his latest example of Imperial travel goods (separate post incoming to provide Imperial Specs and budgetary requirements).

The team met with TRACC management at the Aquatic Centre and were shown to the changing room, which set a new standard in trooping excellence!!! Fully air-conditioned and best of all, scantily clad swimming instructors in and out all the time!!

Started trooping on schedule and were immediately swamped by incredulous kiddies all looking for hi-fives, photos and all with lots of questions for Lord Vader and the troopers.

Kellie assisted for her very first troop as Wrangler by helping out with lots of photos – and passing out Imperial literature for the educational edification and enlightenment of the attendant gob-smacked throngs.

Happy kiddies, happy carers and lots of Christmas goodwill shown to all. Santa arrived to hand out the many presents donated to TRACC during the year, and we retreated once again to our change room so as to give him half a chance of even being noticed!!!!

Extreme heat conditions led to some serious weight loss for all troopers, particularly Lord Kev – fixed by frequent trips back the Imperial Changing Room for water.

Some minor armor malfunctions for Phil, nothing that couldn’t be repaired in the field.

Public Incidents:
Many Many happy kiddies

Mission Status:
Success – Phil’s first troop made the victory at the Battle of Hoth pale by comparison!!!
Two ‘first troops’ completed with honors by Phil and Kellie.

Big thanks to those troopers who tried to make it for this one. Especially TK 5705 Goose who was unfortunately re-deployed to Mos Gold Coast but still had armor standing by.
(no photos allowed for this one – sorry)