Date: 13/07/2010
Venue: Addidas Store, Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise
Time: 11am-2pm
Mission: To spread the word of the emperor to the masses of Surfers Paradise. And try to sell some shoes.
Trooper Attendance: TK9287 – Brissy_Trooper (Luke), TS4159 – Beanie, TK4598 – Tachyon, TI2478 – Rents, Muppet – X-wing Pilot, The Sniper – X-wing Pilot
Support Crew: TK 8226 – Mouldman
Troopers arrived at a nearby starport and carried their gear to the trooping location. They discovered they had arrived too early and the store vendors had not yet opened the blast doors. It was decided that a quick stop at a local eatery ‘Subway’ would provide the required sustenance for the troop.
Upon arriving back at the store, the owners had opened the blast doors and troopers armored up. Tachyon and Luke were the first two ready and took up their posts flanking the entrance doors. A group of padawans arrived and harrased the troopers before posing for photos. The other troopers arrived and it was discovered that rebel spies had somehow learnt of our plans and had also arrived in their x-wings. Luckily Rents arrived in his TIE-Fighter and the balance was quickly restored.
The troopers moved outside where the day was spent posing for photos, following unsuspecting passers-by and watching pretty red and blue flashing lights cruise past. It was later discovered that a hotel had caught fire and TK8226 discovered a bloke passed out in Hungry Jacks, a suspected death stick related incident, which drew the attention of paramedics.
Several troopers left, the rebel scum were repelled and TK4598 & TS4159 posed for more photos before being recalled to the Imperial ‘Redbacks’ Garrison.
Injuries: None known.
Mission Status: Yet another mission completed, The will of the Emperor successfully spread through ‘Cavil Avenue’