CT 33827 (Clone Trooper: Shock Trooper)

Name: Luke Shadbolt (aka Bolt)

Legion ID: TK33827

What made you want to join the 501st? In 2008, I read a Star Wars Insider magazine (issue #72 actually!) that featured an article titled: “Inside the 501st, everything you wanted to know about joining the Empire but were too afraid to ask!” I can remember reading it and all about the 501st and remember thinking “Wow I wish they did cool stuff like that in Australia!” Only a couple of years later I was lucky enough to have three of our Redback members escort myself and a few friends to my school formal, which really got me hooked! I wanted to do what they do!

What costumes do you have?

What is your most memorable troop? That’s a tough one! I would say that I have two. My first ever troop, I walked 10K’s in my armour! And my first ever Dreamworld weekend troop, I must have been in at least 200 photos!

What is your favourite Star Wars character? My favourite character would have to be the clones (They’re all are technically the same person right?!). Ever since I saw them on screen I wanted to be one, they had the cool gear, cool armour customization and were just down-right awesome. But If I had to choose just one, it would have to be Commander Cody (I’m working on his armour next!).