TB 11573 (Biker Scout)

Name: Kayle Rennell (MammaSith)

Legion ID: DS11573

What made you want to join the 501st? My son inspired me to join the legion when I saw him have a great time meeting members of the redbacks. He was being bullied at school and I thought it would be a great environment for him to meet and make new friends. He joined the Galactic academy and I became a full member 4 years ago.

What costumes do you have?

I also have 2 rebel legion costumes, but I love making 501st costumes, although I don’t have as many as others I have really enjoyed making a lot for others, don’t ask how many I’ve made, I’ve lost count!

What is your most memorable troop? Dreamworld and the Variety Kids Christmas Party.

What is your favourite Star Wars character? Chewbacca.